hardwood flooring options

From classic hardwood to modern, explore flooring surfaces to find the best option for your design and budget

Hardwood flooring is one of the best ways to add character and charm to your home. Not only is hardwood elegant and attractive, it’s one of the most durable flooring options around, often lasting for decades with proper care!


Another great thing about hardwood flooring in Northbrook is how much variety there is when choosing your style. Most hardwood comes in varying widths, from narrow strips to wide planks. You can even get parquet squares for a more formal appearance. There are several different species to choose from as well, including mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, and Brazilian cherry, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Depending upon your choice of species, you can also opt for various colors, from blond to black.

Factors to Consider

Before installing hardwood flooring in Northbrook, there are a number of lifestyle and home factors to take into consideration. For instance, hardwood flooring is best for most rooms in the house, with the exception of bath and laundry rooms. If you have pets, it’s best to keep their nails trimmed in order to avoid damaging your new hardwood floor installation in Northbrook. You may also want to consider underlayment, which provides a cushioning beneath your floor in order to limit noise and add insulation. Hardwood is also available in both solid or engineered styles, each with different properties and suitable for different homes.

The Lowdown

With Teddy’s excellent hardwood flooring in Northbrook, you can easily get all the advantages of this incredible flooring at affordable prices. Our hardwood floor installation in Northbrook is hypoallergenic and durable, while maintaining a classic and enduring aesthetic for your home. If your flooring becomes gouged or water damaged, we also provide full hardwood floor refinishing in Northbrook, in addition to comprehensive repair services.

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