Professional Hardwood Floor Repair Northbrook, IL by TEDDY Flooring

Teddy Flooring has been the leader in hardwood flooring Northbrook for the past several years. Having completed hundreds of custom flooring jobs, no flooring contractors in Northbrook are better when it comes to high-quality flooring and individually tailored solutions. We’ve completed just about every kind of job and have experience with every wood species and pattern. When it comes to floor repair, we tailor our floor sanding method to suit your floor, taking into account the level and type of damage.

So how do you know you need floor repair in the first place? Our flooring contractors in Northbrook, IL will provide a no-commitment assessment of your flooring situation. We’ll examine your hardwood flooring for telltale signs of damage. We’ll look for a variety of things, including warping, discoloration, water damage, scuffing, and cracking. No matter what your hardwood flooring in Northbrook has been through, give us a call today to get the best quality repairs!

Our experienced flooring contractors in Northbrook IL know how to bring your floors back to life, no matter what shape they’re in now! 

As the local experts on hardwood flooring in Northbrook, we have a variety of tools and methods at our disposal to approach each situation on an individual basis. For scuffed flooring, our flooring contractors in Northbrook will use high-tech sanding methods to restore your hardwood. If your hardwood flooring needs re-staining, we have the widest variety of stains and finishes on the market. We also offer complete polishing, finishing, and re-coating services, depending upon what you need. The most common types of repairs we do consist scratches, pet stains, dents, sparks burns, water damage, holes from preexisting cable or wire installations are all very common repairs.

Hardwood flooring in Northbrook has become increasingly popular, but it’s important to keep it in good repair. By establishing a pattern of regular maintenance, our flooring contractors in Northbrook will ensure that you get the most out of your flooring. Keep your floors aesthetically pleasing and increase your property value at the same time! Regular maintenance also means you’ll save on repair costs. You could even avoid costly, time-consuming procedures like having your floors re-installed altogether!

If your wood floors have seen better days and could benefit from repair, call our flooring contractors in Northbrook today!

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