Thanksgiving Holiday Cleaning for Hardwood Floors

As temperatures drop and we spend  more time indoors, we also begin to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. The backdrop of all our holiday feasts and carefully placed decorations are our floors. If you have hardwood floors, the first step in holiday preparations should be to make sure your floors are shining clean and looking their best.
Keep a water grabbing mat both in front of all entrances and inside. Provide a place for wet umbrellas and jackets to keep moisture off your floors. This will make your floors easier to maintain over the wet, slushy, high-traffic holidays.
Removing dust and debris from floors is the first step in floor care. No matter what type of flooring you have, this is the regular cleaning task which keeps our floors in good condition and establishes a foundation of clean for the rest of our home. To do this, a vacuum is the most effective and simple method, however, make sure your vacuum does not have the beater bar (used for carpets) engaged or choose a hard floor brush attachment. The rotating beater bar will likely scratch and possibly damage a hardwood floor.

Got Kids? Dark Corners? Save the Change!

For those hard to see areas behind or underneath furniture, (especially if you have children) cover the suction end of the vacuum with a piece of old pantyhose or cheesecloth secured by a rubber band. This will prevent any loose change  or small toys from being sucked into the vacuum. Floors should be vacuumed thoroughly at least once a week, more often if you have pets and or children.
If you don’t have a vacuum or cannot disengage the beater  bar, use a dust mop, preferably a static based microfiber one, to remove dust and debris. Be aware that pushing a dirty dust mop head around your floors may cause scratching, so shake it out often or replace the cleaning pad as needed.

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