How can I ensure my wood floors remain attractive?  As with many other homeownership aspects, certain areas are difficult, but definitely worth the effort. Read below for some simple tips for keeping your hardwood floor in excellent condition.

If you only just took a peek under your carpet and are thinking about hardwood floor refinishing Northbrook residents prefer or you have recently purchased a new home in Northbrook, you may be a bit lost as to the next step.

Our Top 4 Suggestions For Hardwood Floor Maintenance

1. Remove Dirt by Using A Dust Mop
The best way to effectively remove hair, sand, dust, and dirt is by using a dust mop. Cleaning hardwood floors once a week or more is essential in order to prevent the grit and particles from grinding on your finished floors. Clearly, mopping and sweeping will also remove dirt, but dust mops tend to be better. If you decide to vacuum hardwood flooring in Northbrook, make certain you choose to vacuum bristled attachments that are softer.

2. Avoid The Use Of Wax or Polish
In terms of buffing and coating wood flooring, we are experienced professionals. You should avoid the use of polishes or waxes on your hardwood flooring in Northbrook in order to avoid issues with the following buff and coat. Wax or polish may leave a layer of film on your floors that can prevent your floors from becoming properly coated. If you believe this is an issue affecting your floors, please get in touch with us. We will help!

3. Use A Damp Mop For Heavy Spills Or Dirt On Wood Floors
If you have a bunch of mud, or a big spill, or any kind of mess, you need an easy-to-use cleaner.  Simply mist the floor with the product then use a terry rag or a microfiber cloth to wipe it. An appropriate wood floor cleaner will not damage your floors nor will it leave a sticky or filmy residue. Damp is the most important word in this case.  Never use a wet mop, only a damp one.  Ensure no cleaning solution remains on the floor for too long as it may penetrate the wood and damage it.

4. Save Your Floors By Using Furniture Padding
Although padding appears to be a solution that is more obvious, most wear and tear can be avoided through the use of furniture padding or other protective barriers between your hardwood flooring and your furniture. For instance, cardboard, sofa foot pads, felt, and rugs make appropriate wood floor protectors for chairs, tables, and other varied furniture items, particularly if you have metal furniture.

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