Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Hardwood flooring is extremely durable and can endure a great deal of traffic and punishment before new hardwood floor installation is needed. With proper care and repairs by flooring contractors when needed, your hardwood flooring can easily survive 50 years or more. The first indicator that your hardwood flooring needs help, is the amount of damage. If it only appears to be standard wear, then you can bring them back to life with hardwood floor refinishing. Remember though, that it can only be done a limited number of times. Depending on the type of wood and the condition of your hardwood flooring, you may be able to have them refinished up to ten times before they need replacing. Engineered hardwood flooring, however, may only go through hardwood floor refinishing once, as the top layer features the wood and it does not extend through the entire board. Wood floor refinishing may also be the right solution where there are scratches and gauges to a limited number of planks.

New Hardwood Floor Installation
There are some situations when hardwood floor refinishing and repairs will not help. Flooding is certainly one of those times, as it leaves the wood buckling and warping. If it appears that only part of the hardwood flooring is affected by water damage, repairs may be able to salvage the floor. Bear in mind though, this kind of issue is not merely esthetic. While the wood may look good, there could be serious structural damage underneath. Another situation that requires a new hardwood floor installation can stem from a flood or even excess moisture, that being mold. If the mold runs too deep, requiring the removal of the subfloor, then it’s time for a new hardwood floor installation. Every situation is different, so before you decide whether you need hardwood floor refinishing or total replacement, consult professional hardwood flooring contractors who can offer the best advice.

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